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The oak wood, after the treatment with highly advanced carpentry technologies, is subjected to polishing and oiling.

Product Description

Plate segondo

– another from a collection of unique designs, wooden wall tiles made of oak. The wooden plywood, made of oak, after processing with highly advanced carpentry technologies, is polished and oily. Carballo wooden wall decors are precision workmanship. The tile is based on a quadrilateral shape with two side lengths of 25.7 cm and 14.7. Figure inscribed in a rectangle with sides 29.5 cm and 25.5 cm. The shape of these tiles refers to the architectural concrete tiles Artis Visio model Pero. Thanks to this possible combination of wood tiles and concrete tiles. The shape of the plate base allows for the creation of various layouts and combinations, making it possible to make at least 4 different arrangements out of this one tile. We will be happy to help you choose a set or design a wall layout. Thanks to the form resembling kites, the created wall has lightness and uniqueness. Arrangement of residential or public interiors, such a unique and unique product, give them a unique and unique character. If you want to give such an expression of your space, combining wood classics and its timelessness with fun forms. This product is created for you.

Segondo simplo – the equivalent of a tile – Carballo Segondo wall decors, made of solid oak wood squeegees. As in other models of the Carballo collection, simplo tiles with a flat surface, thanks to this tile, or the wall designed in these tiles, will maintain its unique character, but it can also be a subtle and surprising viewer, a background for details.

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