Floor slabs 11mm

architectural concrete by artis visio floor slabs We create architectural concrete using modern technologies, knowingly retaining the traditional elements of material production. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of authenticity and uniqueness in interior...

Door covered with concret

We present the implementation in which our GRC architectural concrete panels were used, in two types and technical solutions. In this way, the effect of a monolithic wall was obtained. In the interior design visible in the pictures, the walls of the rooms were covered with GRC panels …

Planters made of architectural concrete

Linear concrete planters are a cost-effective, minimalist proposal from the manufacturer Artis Visio. Raw, slender design with perfectly matched proportions will be used both as a single detail of the interior, and also as an element of a larger whole, for example, the finial of terrace surfaces….


Primeiro. Exclusive wall tile, made of solid oak, glued. The natural beauty of the oak, was emphasized by the finishing by oiling.

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